A True Homecoming for Residential Programs 

A True Homecoming for Residential Programs 

Wellroot Family Services is excited to announce a new home for our residential programs in the beautiful neighborhood of Oakhurst in the City of Decatur. Wellroot purchased a small, multi-family apartment community, which will ultimately house 30 young adults and families in Wellroot’s Residential Programs. These programs provide support services and community-based housing for young adults ages 18-24 who are transitioning from foster care into independent adulthood and young families who need stable housing. Additionally, Wellroot offers ongoing life skills development, including financial literacy, tutoring, and career development.

Allison Ashe, CEO/President of Wellroot shared “We felt like we could provide them a more loving and nurturing environment if we owned an apartment community when we can house them more close together as opposed to spread across a larger community, and really a place that’s very family-oriented, has employment opportunities nearby, has public transportation nearby, so that they can get to school or to work easily. The young people in the program would really benefit from being in a community like Oakhurst.

Before moving into this new home, Wellroot will need to do some renovations to address some of the deferred maintenance such as a new roof, gutters as well as some landscaping beautification. After securing  funding, there will be more extensive renovations to make this a community asset. 

Allison Ashe shared her excitement about this potential for this apartment building, “This one, of the properties we looked at, absolutely checked all the boxes in terms of being a warm and inviting communities we felt like would accept and help us nurture the young people in the program, and, again, the opportunities for employment that exists in the Oakhurst community, the public transportation and just the beauty of the property overall.”

Wellroot looks forward to sharing more plans for this new residential home for young adults and families as they develop and looks forward to being a part of the Oakhurst community.

About Our Residential Programs 

Transitional and Independent Living Programs

We shepherd young adults as they transition from foster care to adulthood. Our programs provide 24-hour support as well as community-based housing to each youth.  Wellroot offers ongoing life skills development, including financial literacy, tutoring, personal development, career development and education about nutrition and health. As part of both programs, we guide residents through the process of earning their high school diploma or GED and offer assistance entering college or trade school. Learn more

Family Housing Program 

Families accepted into our program are serious about leveraging the support we offer and gaining the skills needed to ensure their long-term sustainability upon completion of our program. We provide housing and financial assistance to these families, removing the barrier of homelessness by helping them move toward self-sufficiency. We offer courses in parenting, financial management, career coaching, and personal development among others, as well as help with continuing education. Upon graduation from our program, families have at least $1,000 in savings and steady employment. Learn more. 

Our Residents’ Stories

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