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“Raekwon I’m extremely proud of you and wish you continued success!!!”

Last September, Wellroot celebrated their 150th Anniversary of serving children, youth and families during This Is Home gala. During the event, we celebrated a courageous young man, Raekwon. As he shared his story, there was not a dry eye in the room.

Raekwon came to Wellroot as a young adult in the Independent Living Program (ILP). As a child he had been removed from his birth family and placed in foster care. During his teen years, he was involved with the wrong crowd and had run ins with the juvenile justice system. Then one night, a life altering, and traumatic act of violence left him paralyzed from the waist down.

At 18, he transitioned out of the foster care system and was on his own. Raekwon desperately searched for a program that could help him and accommodate his special needs. After being denied support again and again …. he was ready to give up. Then he found Wellroot’s ILP program that provided stable housing and the support he needed. Raekwon was then able to attend college and was dedicated to achieving his degree in banking.

This May, Donita Green-Noel, ILP Program Manager, shared the exciting news that Raekwon graduated from the prestigious Morehouse College, “Raekwon I’m extremely proud of you and wish you continued success!!!”

Today he is working in the banking industry and is a mentor to other children in Wellroot’s care. His amazing story of overcoming extreme challenges really resonates with our kids – it gives them hope for a better future. Congrats Raekwon! We are so proud of all your hard work and dedication. You are changing lives as you encourage others to overcome their own challenges!