Amazing Grace Offering

The Amazing Grace Offering is received across churches in North Georgia to impact the lives of children in foster care. Wellroot does not receive apportionments and this offering is vital to the services we provide. 100% of your gift goes directly to our programs! In Georgia, there are thousands of children in foster care who need a safe place to call home. Your support allows Wellroot to provide more foster homes for children in need.

Now, more than ever, Home Matters.

This year has taught us so much. It showed how quickly everything we know can change.  It’s showed us how strong we are, and yet how much we need each other.

And as life continues to resume to what it once was, it can be easy to take all we have and all we learned for granted, yet there are thousands of children, young adults, and families affected by the foster care system in Georgia who don’t know what a stable home feels like.

For nearly 150 years, Wellroot Family Services (formerly called The United Methodist Children’s Home) has nurtured the feeling of home for Georgia’s most vulnerable children, teens, young adults, and families. When you give to Wellroot, 100% of your gift provides children and families the power to realize their God-given potential. Give a gift that nourishes the soul and helps create a safe, loving home.

After all, home is where we belong, and now, more than ever, home matters.