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Berry College Nursing Students Make a Difference for Students in Need

By July 19, 2023June 28th, 2024No Comments

Volunteerism plays a crucial role in supporting our communities and bringing about positive change for youth and families at Wellroot. In preparation for the new school year, Berry College Division of Nursing embarked on a local immersion program in Dekalb County, working in collaboration with Wellroot Family Services and local universities.

Often, students in the foster care system and families experiencing financial instability are not adequately prepared for the school year. The first day can set the trajectory for the entire year. As rising seniors, these nursing students understand the significance of the first day of school.

This summer, the student volunteers dedicated their time to packing 100 backpacks for children, prepared trays of frozen meals for the families we serve, and provided health screenings to the young adults in our Transitional Living Program. Their commitment demonstrated the profound impact that volunteers can make at Wellroot Family Services.

“We work diligently to improve the lives of children, youth, and families. The invaluable contributions of the Berry nursing students maximized our impact as they engaged in a variety of activities thoughtfully designed to teach at every task,” explained Rev. April McGlothin-Eller, Wellroot director of Church and Community Engagement.

First, the nursing students kicked off their week-long volunteer experience by packing backpacks for the children and youth served by Wellroot. Proving fully stocked backpacks ensures that the children Wellroot supports have the necessary supplies for their educational journey, instilling hope and empowering them for success.

On day two, the students dedicated their time to preparing frozen meals for the families assisted by Wellroot. This act of service not only alleviates some of the burdens faced by these families but also demonstrates compassion and care during challenging times.

In addition to volunteering, the students received valuable training from Sharon Brewer, a Wellroot community cultivator and expert in the Community Resiliency Model (CRM). On their third day with Wellroot, the students attended a CRM training presented by Brewer. By equipping these future healthcare professionals with knowledge and skills in resilience-building, the students are better prepared to address the unique needs of individuals and communities affected by trauma.

Wrapping up the week, the students organized a Young Adult Health and Wellness Screening in collaboration with Wellroot’s Transitional Living Program. This comprehensive screening allowed the students to contribute to the well-being of young adults on their path to independent living through Wellroot. They also gave dinner and a gift card, allowing participants to feel supported and valued.

Through their dedication and service, the Berry nursing students profoundly impacted individuals and families in the Dekalb County community. Volunteers are the backbone of community service, and the efforts of the nursing student volunteers exemplify the transformative power of dedicated service. If you’re inspired by the incredible work of the Berry College nursing students and their impactful service-learning experience, it’s time to act and join the movement of volunteers making a difference at Wellroot Family Services. Visit