Planting Seeds of Hope

Cultivate support for foster care ministry

In addition to supporting Wellroot Family Services with your prayers and financial gifts, cultivating a Wellroot ministry in your congregation or network offers God’s grace to children and families in your local community.

Raise Awareness

Interested in understanding more about child welfare at the public policy level? Below are some resources from Voices for Georgia’s Children. Voices is an advocacy organization whose work is guided by the belief that all children deserve to have their needs met, giving them the opportunity to reach their full potential. Their focus on the “whole child” allows them to identify how different policies impact children and to propose solutions that benefit children on multiple levels. Voices’ advocacy work is extremely relevant to the populations served at Wellroot, and we too believe that each individual deserves to have the opportunity to reach their full potential.  Their advocacy work in the arena of Strong and Stable Families as well as others is vital to children and young people that are in the child welfare system, or at risk for involvement. Voices sends out regular updates and information as it relates to state policy. During the legislative session, often this information comes with actionable steps community members can take to become more knowledgeable and advocate for policies impacting children and families.

Collect and Pack Kits or Sponsor Items

Collect and assemble kits to meet the seasonal needs for our children, teens and families or Sponosor needed items:



Sponsor Meals

A wonderful way to show support for foster families in your community is to bring them a meal during a training event. To learn more, contact us at cultivate@wellroot.org.

Service Opportunities

Bring a group of volunteers to serve at Wellroot. Visit https://wellroot.org/service-opportunities/ to learn more.

Throw a "Child Shower"

Throw a “child shower” to support a foster child or resident child. Guests can bring new items from our Wish List.

Host Caregiver Days Out & Inspire a Child

Would you like to inspire children in foster care, while enhancing their quality of life? Volunteers are critical to the success of Wellroot foster care trainings and giving caregivers a much-needed break by hosting a day or evening out. While foster parents attend training classes or enjoy time away, volunteers provide entertainment, education and, most importantly, loving attention to these young souls. To learn more, contact us at cultivate@wellroot.org.

Recruit Foster Parents

Children and teens escaping abusive or neglectful situations need a safe place to live and be loved. We need your help to recruit new foster parents. Spread the word in your community that supportive, stable foster homes are needed in Georgia! Refer interested families to fosternow.org.

Create a Nurturing Community

Once foster families are approved in your church, you can support them through a Nurturing Community. Your volunteers provide those families with meals, household help, babysitting and/or transportation. To learn more, contact us at cultivate@wellroot.org.

Open a Resource Closet or Prepared Meal Pantry

Foster Families need a local resource for frozen and prepared meals, car seats, strollers, diapers, clothes, baby proofing and more. Open a resource closet or prepared meal pantry for foster families in your church.