Our Financials

Wellroot Family Services provides faith-centered family care grounded in data-proven outcomes. For nearly 150 years, we’ve been entrusted to tend to society’s most fundamental element— the family. 100% of donations support our vision of a world where every child is raised in a loving, compassionate and nurturing home.


  • 100% of philanthropic donations go directly toward supporting program expenses
  • 100% of administrative and fundraising expenses are covered by endowment earnings

2019 Revenue*

  • Individuals
  • Churches
  • Corporations
  • Foundations
  • Government Fees & Grants
  • Estates & Trusts
  • Appropriation of Endowment Earnings

* In 2019 Wellroot changed fiscal years from a Jan. 1 – Dec. 31 fiscal year to a July 1 – June 30 fiscal year. The numbers above are unaudited and represent all 12-months of 2019. Download our 2019 stub year 990 and Financial Audit for more information.

2019 Expenses*

  • Program
  • Fundraising
  • Finance & Administration

A Note From Our President & CEO

Dear Friends,

Throughout the Bible we are called to “remember” what the Lord has done, where we have been, what we have been promised. Remembering these things serves to encourage us in difficult times and lead us to rejoicing in times of plenty. The new year is a perfect time to reflect on the previous one and “remember” the faithfulness of God and of those who supported our work so generously.

Thank you for all the good you made possible last year through your giving to Wellroot Family Services, formerly The United Methodist Children’s Home. As we look toward 2020 with great expectation and hope, we are excited to build upon many great successes from 2019. Your gifts made it possible to:

  • Ensure 88% of children in Wellroot’s care were reunited with family or adopted
  • Increase the average age of a child served by Wellroot by 44%
  • Serve 71% more foster families through Nurturing Communities
  • Increase church partnerships by 130%
  • Find forever homes for the 39 Wellroot children adopted from foster care

We start 2020 with much excitement about the future of child and family welfare in the state of Georgia. The landscape of care is ever-changing, but our rich history and deep partnerships with friends like you means we will be helping to lead the way to better, evidence-based practices in the field. Thank you for your continued support in this new year and beyond. Your legacy is wrapped with ours in the mission to restore children and families from trauma through Jesus Christ. And we are so very grateful to have you!





The Rev. Hal Jones

President & CEO