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When a child in care turns 18, they have the option to stay in state care and receive supportive services that will help them make the challenging transition toward independence. These are courageous, brave youth who often do not have the support of their family and need our assistance establishing a path towards successful lives as adults.  


Imagine being 18 and having little to no family support as you enter adulthood! That’s where Wellroot’s Residential team comes in. Wellroot’s expert staff shepherd young adults as they transition from foster care to adulthood. One of those young adults is Grace.  As a first-generation American, Grace entered Wellroot’s Transitional Living Program unsure of her future. That’s when Wellroot’s team wrapped around her and became a second family for Grace.  


With support from her caseworker, Grace entered Georgia State University’s Nursing Program and took control of her education and future! Her support team is constantly amazed at her perseverance and resilience.  


Grace recently transitioned into her first apartment, obtained her driver’s license, completed the phlebotomy program, and enrolled in her first virtual study abroad program in the Bahamas. Because of her dedication, when a Wellroot donor wanted to give a young adult in our program a car, the choice was clear – Grace. When Wellroot’s Development team told the donor Grace’s story the donor went the extra mile and had the car detailed and prepaid for a year of oil changes! When Grace got into her first car for the first time, there wasn’t a dry eye in the Wellroot parking lot. 


Everyone at Wellroot is so proud of Grace and continues to support her independence. If you want to learn more about our Transitional and Independent Living Programs, Visit