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Home for the Holidays: A Miracle for Sanderia

By December 12, 2023February 29th, 2024No Comments

In 2020, Sanderia Brown lost her job due to a life-changing spinal cord injury that prevented her from standing for extended periods. Before her injury, Sanderia worked at a local pharmacy where long days on her feet were the norm. Yet once her back injury forced her to rely on a walker, Sanderia found herself out of a job, a dreadful outcome that started a domino of traumatic events.  

Sanderia turned to Uber driving and other odd jobs that did not require standing, but despite her efforts, the income fell short. She sold possessions to maintain her apartment for as long as possible, yet after several months of struggle, she found herself and her children homeless.

A Serendipitous Encounter  

“We have a home for you!” said an unknown caller.  

Tayeka Reid-Bryan, Wellroot’s Family Housing case manager, called to inform Sanderia that her application was accepted. Sanderia was shocked, unaware she had applied for the program.  

“When I saw the application, I knew I did not fill it out despite it having my name listed. However, when Tayeka explained the program to me, I knew it was what I needed,” said Sanderia.  

Sanderia discovered that the social worker from her children’s school had filled out the application on her behalf. In a heartening testament to the power of community, Sanderia’s family moved into a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment provided by Wellroot.  

“Just the week before, I was down to my last $300 and scared to check out of the hotel that was the only roof over our heads,” said Sanderia, who was in disbelief. “Then suddenly Tayeka was handing me a door key and gate pass. I couldn’t believe it.”  

Sanderia was overwhelmed and grateful as donations to Wellroot furnished her apartment and supplied her family with food and home goods. Freed from the imminent threat of homelessness, she promptly channeled her efforts into seeking a dependable job that considered her back injury. In February 2021, she successfully landed a position as an ADP Payroll Processor, a hybrid role that only required her to be in the office twice a week.  

Through support from Wellroot’s Family Housing program, Sanderia now had her family in a safe home, working full-time and learning valuable money management skills through education classes. However, the support didn’t stop there. When one of Sandria’s daughters struggled with a mental health challenge, Sandria enrolled in Wellroot’s Triple P – Positive Parenting training, a parenting and family support system designed to teach parents skills to manage behavioral and emotional struggles successfully. 

“Wellroot taught me to be a ‘listening parent’ and not a ‘telling’ parent,” explained Sanderia. “I’m now able to talk to my children about their mental health challenges.” 

More Than a Miracle 

After achieving financial independence, Sanderia graduated from the Family Housing program in December 2021. She moved from Wellroot’s Family Housing to a new three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment. She attributes her financial success to Wellroot’s money management courses. 

“I think twice before spending. I ask myself several times if I need something before buying it,” says Sanderia. “I learned that living within my means is managing what I have.”  

On the anniversary of her graduation from Wellroot’s Family Housing program, Sanderia’s family plans to spend the holidays in the new home she secured herself. Her holiday shopping strategy is to buy each of her children one major item they wish for, and every other gift is what they need. 

The Gift That Keeps on Giving  

Wellroot’s supporters inspired Sanderia to give back, and she has committed herself to charity work within her community. She helps her former case manager and encourages new Wellroot clients in the Family Housing program; her story serves as a testimony.  

“Wellroot has become my lifelong family,” reflects Sanderia. 

Thanks to the generosity of Wellroot supporters, families like Sanderia and her children have the tools needed to overcome adversity and achieve lifelong sustainability. 

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