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Maternal & Infant Support

Maternal & Infant Support Programs

“It has helped me so much having someone listen to me and give me advice. I often think during the week, ‘When is Laura coming?’, because no one else in my life has taken the time to be with me like you. She has helped me with my goals and talked with me when I feel stressed. From the bottom of my heart, I am grateful for Wellroot and the generous people that support it.”
– Maylin, Healthy Families client

Healthy Families North Georgia™ Program

Healthy Families is a free home visitation program for expectant and new parents that leverages curriculum and resources from Healthy Families America. Our Family Support Specialists meet with families in their homes and work with them to cultivate and strengthen parent-child relationships, promote healthy childhood growth and development, and enhance family functioning.

First Steps

First Steps Georgia provides families with parenting information on topics relevant to parent and child health and safety and a guide containing information on community resources appropriate for expectant parents and children from birth to five and their families.

As a First Steps provider, Wellroot places a First Steps coordinator at health clinics and WIC offices responsible for screening moms, providing a resource guide, and referring them to our Healthy Families program if they qualify.

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