Foster Care

Who We Serve
Children in Georgia from birth to 21 years who have been removed from their homes due to neglect, abuse or abandonment.

How We Serve Children

In Georgia, thousands of children are in need of a supportive, stable home where they can be guided through important milestones—to reach their full potential. Wellroot Family Services connects these children with nurturing foster families and works with foster families to ensure they have the proper training and support every step of the way.

How We Serve Foster Families

It takes a tremendous amount of courage, faith and trust for a person to become a foster parent. Wellroot provides foster parents with intensive support through their assigned Foster Care Worker, our 24/7 on-call system, access to clothing, diapers, school supplies and baby equipment and extra financial support through our incidental fund for enrichment for the children in their care.

Become A Foster Parent

Visit our special website designed for individuals who want more information on becoming a foster parent! Visit fosternow.org to sign up for more information, read frequently asked questions and more!

Why What We Do Matters
Instability in a child’s life negatively shapes their sense of security, trust and efficacy, while impacting executive functioning and their ability to make future decisions. When children in the foster care system are moved from a home, it is estimated that they lose four to six months of academic or developmental progress. A study undertaken a few years ago revealed that reducing the number of placements a child experiences while in care by just one increases that child’s chances of completing high school by 50 percent. Retaining foster families is crucial to helping stabilize the challenges facing children in state care. Because we put so much effort into supporting them, our foster families foster an average of three and a half years compared to fourteen months among national averages.

Wellroot Turns The Tables on Outcomes

Family Reunification Within 12 Months

Wellroot 75%
State 62%

Child Permanency Within 12 Months

Wellroot 66%
State 38%