Healthy Families

Healthy Families America (HFA) is the nationally recognized, evidence-based home visiting program of Prevent Child Abuse America provided at no cost to participants. Wellroot is currently providing HFA services in Hall and Gwinnett Counties under the Healthy Families Gainesville banner. Below is more information about HFA and Healthy Families, a referral form, and other community resources.

What is HFA?

HFA builds a strong foundation for safe and secure relationships between caregivers and children, maximizing opportunities for all children to reach their full potential. Families enroll voluntarily in HFA as early as prenatally or at birth and work one-on-one with a Family Support Specialist in the home, receiving services tailored to their needs, until the child is three years old. Family Service Specialists provide information on parenting and child development, parenting classes, and case management. Eligibility requirements are pregnant moms or moms of infants up to 3 months, living in Hall or Gwinnett County with Medicaid or Uninsured. We have bilingual staff that are fluent in Spanish that work with our Spanish-speaking families.

Currently, Wellroot is only offering HFA in Hall and Gwinnett Counties based on community needs. Wellroot plans to expand HFA to other service areas including Forsyth, Dawson, and Lumpkin as capacity allows and community needs demand.

Does HFA Work?

HFA is an evidenced-based model with over 30 years of research showing favorable outcomes in areas impacting child and adult well-being, family functioning, and positive parenting practices. The HFA model has received the highest possible rating of “well-supported” through the Prevention Services Clearinghouse, of the Families First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA). In national studies, HFA has been shown to nurture child development, including long-term improvements in children’s school performance, and prevent adverse childhood experiences(ACEs) such as child abuse and neglect. HFA benefits parents in many ways by helping them be the best parents they can be, and reach personal goals (such as furthering their education and gaining employment). All of these outcomes have been shown in rigorous studies in multiple states.

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    Brittany Adams- badams@wellroot.org 

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