Transitional & Independent Living

Who We Serve

When a child in care turns 18, they have the option to stay in state care and receive supportive services that will help them make the challenging transition toward independence. These are courageous, brave youth who often do not have the support of their family and need our assistance establishing a path towards successful lives as adults. These two programs serve young adults between the ages of 18 and 21.

How We Serve Young Adults

We shepherd young adults as they transition from foster care to adulthood. Our programs provide 24-hour support as well as community-based housing to each youth. Residents in the Transitional Living Program need greater levels of support and assistance, while residents in our Independent Living Program are nearing their full transition out of care. Wellroot offers ongoing life skills development, including financial literacy, tutoring, personal development, career development and education about nutrition and health. As part of both programs, we guide residents through the process of earning their high school diploma or GED and offer assistance entering college or trade school.

Why What We Do Matters

The data indicates that many young people who transition from foster care without a strong network of support experience very poor outcomes at a much higher rate than their peers in the general population:

  • 5% attend college (versus 66% of non-foster youth)
  • 35% become homeless (versus 1% of non-foster youth)
  • 30% become incarcerated (versus 1% of non-foster youth)

The staff at Wellroot Family Services ensures that these young people are set up for financial, personal, and spiritual success.

Wellroot Turns The Tables on Outcomes

High School Graduation Rates

Wellroot 85%
National 57%

Employment Rates

Wellroot 100%
National 50%

We are currently accepting referrals of young men and women in our ILP and TLP Programs. To make a referral, call 404-259-8214 or email fostercarereferrals@wellroot.org.