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Safety Net

Wellroot’s Safety Net Program preserves families, prevents further homelessness, and prepares families to sustain permanent housing and overall long-term health.

Wellroot’s Safety Net Program serves young adults between 18 and 24.

Based on the national Housing First model, Wellroot’s Safety Net Program recognizes the pivotal role of stable housing in fostering secure employment and an improved quality of life. Serving young adults who are experiencing homelessness in Hall, Dawson, and Forsyth Counties, Wellroot provides housing and assistance for up to 24 months through two housing options: transition housing and rapid rehousing. Both allow for a 12-month lease with no additional requirements.

Transitional Housing: an immediate sub-leased apartment
Rapid Rehousing: a direct client lease

In addition to housing, Safety Net also provides life-skills training to help build financial management, parenting skills, healthy habits, and other life skills while focusing on educational, employment, and professional development. The program aims to help young adults and young families achieve the goal of permanent and sustainable housing.

Qualified Housing
  • Two bedrooms maximum
  • Must meet Rent Reasonableness as defined by the Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • Landlord must accept third-party payment