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Serve With Us

Churches in North Georgia have always been on the front lines of caring for children and families in crisis.

Church Partnerships Overview

Jesus welcomed children into his midst even when society kept them on the margins. With over 10,000 children and youth in foster care in Georgia, your church can make a life-changing impact by partnering with Wellroot Family Services.


Lift up the needs of the children, youth, and families Wellroot serves.

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Amazing Grace Offering

Churches across North Georgia receive the Amazing Grace Offering on the third Sunday in September (or when most convenient for the church) to support the mission and ministry of Wellroot Family Services. 100% of your church’s offering directly supports children and families in Georgia.

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Church Budgeted Giving or Grantmaking

Churches can include Wellroot Family Services in their annual budget for missional support or encourage Wellroot to apply for funding available to ministry partners outside the local church.
Email Rev. April McGlothin-Eller at to get more information on including Wellroot in your church’s financial plans.

Volunteer as a Group

Have a Sunday School class or Bible Study group interested in working together on a project?

Email us at to learn about opportunities for group volunteer projects including preparing dinners for young adults in our Transitional Living Program, volunteering in our resource rooms, and helping with special events, like Easter and Christmas.

Donation Drives

From providing diapers and wipes to new moms and their babies to setting up a child for success in school with a backpack full of supplies, Wellroot relies on the generosity of our partners to help our families and young adults feel loved and supported.

Donation Drive Opportunities

Other Ways To Engage

Raise Awareness

Learn all you can about the child well-being sector in Georgia and about our programs and how people of faith can make a life-changing difference in your community. Wellroot staff are available to preach or speak in a worship service, Wednesday night supper, or to a small group or committee. 

Email Rev. April McGlothin-Eller at to invite a staff person to your church to share the needs for keeping families together and providing foster homes when needed.

Community Training

In addition to service opportunities, Wellroot provides evidence-based trainings that equip professionals in our communities to better serve young people who have experienced or are currently experiencing trauma. Learn more about our Community Resiliency Model and Reaching Teens trainings below.

Training Opportunities

A Legacy Of Service

In 1871, Dr. Jesse Boring received a God-sized vision to open a home to care for children orphaned by the Civil War. He was not deterred by the challenges he encountered but was bolstered by the Methodist Church to follow God’s vision for the transformation of the lives of children. Over the next 15 decades, as the needs of children and families in Georgia has changed, Wellroot Family Services continues to live out the bold vision we have inherited through our past, while innovating our practices for today and into the future. 

The ministry of Christian people – the Church – must meet the challenges of the day. As the leading faith-centered family services organization in Georgia, Wellroot helps people reach their God-given potential through the encouragement of a healthy and loving home. With a God-sized vision, the support of local churches like yours empowers us to move forward in faith and trust. We are proud of our partnership and our shared 150-year history of faith-centered service in North Georgia. We look forward to the ways we will live out this vision together!