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In Georgia, over 500 youth exit foster care and are left to fend for themselves each year. Leaving foster care without achieving permanence carries lifelong consequences. However, thanks to the Fostering Success Tax Credit, also known as the Qualified Foster Child Donation Credit, your tax dollars can now bring new hope for youth transitioning from foster care.

As a Georgia taxpayer, you can redirect your taxes to Wellroot to help prevent poverty and homelessness for youth transitioning out of the foster care system. With an initial annual cap of $20 million, donations received through the program will support our Transitional Living Program, which provides guidance and support for these young adults. When you participate, you receive a 100% tax credit to your state income tax bill for your contribution.

In addition to participating in the Fostering Success Tax Credit, we hope you will continue to support our other programs through monthly giving. Your financial donations are vital to furthering our mission—offering more children, young adults, and families the benefits of a healthy, stable, and safe home.

Funds are limited, so apply today!

Tax Credit Limits

  • Single individual or a head of household: Up to $2,500
  • Married couple filing a joint return: Up to $5,000
  • LLC, S Corporation or Partnership: Up to $5,000
  • Corporations / Others: Up to 10 percent of tax liability

Please refer to Georgia House Bill 424, known as the “Fostering Success Act,” for more details. For financial advice about tax deductions, please consult a qualified professional advisor.

It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

1. Apply Online

Log in or create an account at the Georgia Tax Center website.

  • For detailed instructions, download the Qualified Foster Child Donations Credit Preapproval Instructions.
  • Select United Methodist Children’s Home of the North GA Conference dba Wellroot Family Services as the Qualified Foster Child Support Organization (QFCSO).
  • Once notified of approval, you will have 60 days to make your donation directly to Wellroot Family Services.

2. Donate to Wellroot

Two ways to give:

3. Receive Confirmation

  • Wellroot will send you a Qualified Foster Child Donation Credit Letter of Confirmation form (Georgia Form IT-QFCD-FUND1) via email.
  • Update the secure form with your information (name of taxpayer or entity, address, taxpayer identification number, date of contribution, amount of contribution, pre-approved amount of credit), and return it to Wellroot.
  • Wellroot staff will sign the form and return it to you for your tax records.


Visit Frequently Asked Questions or contact Alyson Ackerman, Director of Development, at 404-327-5877 or aackerman@wellroot.org.