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Wellroot is one of a select group of local family-support programs from across Georgia who were chosen to participate in the state child-welfare agency’s State of Hope initiative.



LaGrange, Ga. – Wellroot Family Services is honored to be recognized by Georgia’s State of Hope initiative. The State of Hope seeks to encourage nonprofits, philanthropies, government agencies, businesses and communities to collaborate closely to build local safety nets that will prevent conditions that contribute to disparities in education, threaten a family’s self-sufficiency and could lead to child abuse and neglect.

On Thursday, July 11, the Division of Family & Children Services (DFCS), in partnership with Georgia State University’s Center for Professional Excellence (a part of the School of Social Work) and Georgia Family Connection Partnership, announced that over 120 “big ideas” from all over the state were submitted for consideration. Of those applications, approximately 100 were selected to be designated as State of Hope sites.

Wellroot Family Services is one of only ten of the selected organizations that will receive funding and specialized technical assistance for their projects. “Developing strong families and keeping children safe takes the combined resources of communities, extended families and public agencies like the Division, and it’s gratifying to see so many local community organizations stepping up to serve,” said Tom Rawlings, DFCS.

Wellroot was selected for their work in Troup County, where the organization is cultivating a community coalition that addresses the current, acute needs of vulnerable children and families, while creating a long-term plan for the on-going care of Troup County children in need. “Wellroot is activating, training and supporting church and community partners to help identify foster families and provide a network of support to the families as they care for children. This network will go beyond the foster care placement and will continue to support children who return to their birth families,” said Wellroot Troup County representative Rev. April McGlothin-Eller.

Research shows that family engagement is key in successful reunification. By localizing placement options for children in Troup County, caseworkers have more frequent contact, families have more visitation and less strain will occur on human and financial resources. Wellroot accelerates the process of identifying and approving kinship placements as foster homes, providing those children and families with the same level of care and support received by non-kinship homes, allowing children to remain with biological family reducing disruption. Surrounding kinship and traditional foster homes with nurturing communities of support and tangible resources provides a better chance for positive outcomes for vulnerable children. Because of the localization, the church and community resources will continue to be available to the biological families after the children have reached permanency, providing a safety net to prevent future disruption.

Wellroot is partnering with the Family Advocacy Ministry (FAM) at First Baptist Church, Promise 686, Juvenile Judge Michael Key, Troup County DFCS, West GA Counseling, LaGrange College, The LaGrange Chamber of Commerce and Western Heights Baptist Church to launch this collaborative effort in Troup County.

About Wellroot Family Services:

Guided by the belief that every child deserves a loving, compassionate, nurturing home, Wellroot Family Services is one of Georgia’s leading faith-centered family services organization.

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