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Wellroot’s Safety Net Program: A Beacon of Hope for Youth Experiencing Homelessness

By February 19, 2024July 19th, 2024No Comments

At Wellroot Family Services, we have added a new program that provides hope to youth experiencing homelessness– the Safety Net Program. Funded by Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and operating under the Youth Homeless Demonstration Project, the groundbreaking initiative is designed to provide a safety net for unhoused young adults aged 18-24, helping them to attain stable housing, fostering self-sufficiency, and breaking the cycle of homelessness.

The Safety Net Program offers Transitional Housing and Rapid Rehousing with assistance for up to 24 months. The program embraces the “Housing First” philosophy, emphasizing quick connections to permanent housing without preconditions. The program serves unhoused young adults and young adult heads of households and families meeting HUD’s criteria for homelessness in Hall, Dawson, and Forsyth Counties.

To guarantee our clients’ success, each participant is paired with a dedicated case manager and housing navigator/life skills coach. These professionals play a crucial role in setting individualized goals and providing holistic support throughout the journey to self-sufficiency.

The Safety Net Program concentrates on three core goals: increasing safety through stable housing, enhancing social-emotional well-being, and fostering self-sufficiency through education and employment. Addressing trauma is a key component, with holistic, trauma-sensitive services designed to help young adults achieve milestones and transition successfully to independence.

“When they gave me the key, I was like… I see my future now. This is a major stepping stone in my life,” expressed Riel, a Rapid Rehousing participant.

The program sets ambitious goals and has achieved significant outcomes, including 100% of youth feeling safe. The majority of young adult participants reach developmentally appropriate milestones, including GED completion or attaining higher education and gaining vital life and employment skills.

Wellroot’s Safety Net Program is more than just housing – with a comprehensive support system, it aims to break the cycle of homelessness and help empower young individuals and families. Together, we can foster hope and a brighter future for Georgia youth.

With the incredible support of staff and volunteers, the new apartment homes are already being furnished for its new residents. Yet, we need your help to fully equip these apartments with home goods and appliances. Serving unhoused young adults, young adult heads of households, and families meeting HUD’s criteria for homelessness in Hall, Dawson, and Forsyth Counties, your support is crucial more than ever.

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